The Do’s and Don’ts of Sunglass Ettiquette

tom ford aviator sunglasses

Sunglasses are often part of a first impression, thus getting it right is important.  As a true gentlemen they must be used for their very purpose and no other.  For example, one should always remove one’s glasses when addressing another individual you do not know.  I was always taught that the person wants to talk to you, not a dark soulless lens.

When with friends on a crisp windy fall day,  or as you share experiences on a sunny beach, this rule can, of course, be overlooked.  To test this theory, next time you address a stranger or somebody providing services, remove your glasses to converse and you will immediately gain their respect.

When used for their purpose, sunglasses add style and class to any individual or attire.  I am a true believer that fashion can come at any costs.  Whilst we will look at a truly delightful designer (Tom Ford) I realize that this is not within everybody’s reach and we will see in the future how different brands and more importantly costs can provide an equal impact.

Aviator sunglasses are classically American, yet versatile to work with many different styles. Tom Ford has exceptional taste in eyewear (actually in all fashion) for many budgets and face shapes.

The aviator is a good way to add a masculine style to any man or woman.  It is true that most individuals associate sunglasses with Summer.  The key to eyewear style is to embrace sunglasses thoughout the seasons to add a complement to all attire regardless of the season.

As fall approaches and you reach for your scarves, you might consider a classic aviator with rose gold accents to polish off your look, such as the pair featured here.

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