A Gentleman’s Accessory: Clockwork Cuff Link

clockwork cufflink

A gentleman should always wear the appropriate watch. Whilst many people believe that hand and neck jewelery are the most appropriate accessory features in men’s fashion, I absolutely do not!  Therefore it is important that cufflinks are chosen carefully.  Wearing a double (French) cuff shirt with the correct cufflinks is a undeniable sign of elegance and style.

In recent years, timepieces have made the switch from function to fashion.  There is no better use of vintage timepieces for a gentleman than the ones shown in this article.

While a true gentleman knows a distinguished watch is always appropriate, it is also acceptable to experiment with the idea of timepieces as well. This clockwork cuff link is a stylish way to embrace the idea of timepieces as more fashionable than functional.

Largely double (French) cuffs are a very European approach to fashion, thus I have never understood why the American male in general does not embrace this elegance.

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