Is the Teal Trend Appropriate in Corporate Settings This Fall?

teal fashion mens

I believe that any color can work in fashion, in any season, when used in the correct way. The key point is how much of the particular color is exposed. Generally I have a traditional dress sense and hence a teal jacket is absolutely out of the question. That said, that does not preclude the application of teal in many other ways.

Colored trousers are one of the most essential elements of any man’s wardrobe, and a teal pair goes perfectly with a charcoal jacket, but if you prefer tiny flourishes, you might add aqua shades into your accessories, as with the mother of pearl money clip featured below.

Moving on to shoes, does a formal teal shoe (as shown above) actually work? I have to say that I am skeptical, that said with a light trouser and a flowing summer shirt it might be appropriate for a semi formal summer event (dinner in the Mediterranean), I fear that elsewhere this is to be avoided and is absolutely not welcome in any corporate attire.

For the more conservative among us I would suggest you concentrate on accessories, but for more liberal style please feel free to experiment. This season, adding teal to your wardrobe is a must for any dapper gentlemen at the cutting edge of style.

teal mens watch

teal money clip


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