Does Looking Sharp Require That You Wear a Tie?

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The importance of the historic and famous tie!  Whilst a conservative man, I do not have a natural attraction to ties. They do provide a very formal, smart and presentable style, and I of course feel they should be used in many areas of fashion; however I do not like them when over-used.

My mother frequently told me that I should have been born in the 1800s rather than the 1900s. In many ways I agree; formality, smart attire, impeccable manners are all things I believe in strongly. That said, I must say that living in the days of wearing a tie daily would not have been a good era for me. I believe that a stylish man can look just as sharp and elegant without a tie. I am a great believer in the jacket for a man and the elegance they can bring in every style, beach, dinner, formal etc….. I have yet to see the application of the correct jacket that does not work. What I am saying is: Why the obsession with the tie? You don’t need it to look sharp!!!

Wool ties were once thought to be relegated to the scholarly and academic, however they have since become a great way to accent a semi-casual look. Choosing a wool tie is an intelligent way to take your attire from a school professor in the eighties to a casual, trendy and relaxed look.

The key to any element of dress is the individual. Some people suit ties and some simply don’t! Whilst formal attire requires a tie in certain circumstances, a casual trendy look does not! Consider how it looks and how it fits with your personal style. If the tie doesn’t look right it is not for you and there any many other options to adopt the trendy look you are seeking.

For the right guy (as above) a woolen tie can work and provide the perfect look. Look at your style and look at your options, and decide if this one is a famine or a feast.

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