The #1 Rule To Wearing a Colored Blazer in Winter


colorful blazer

A colorful blazer is a great way to have fun with your style, because it presents a distinguished, yet playful aura to the world. Colorful blazers are traditionally thought of as a summer fête; perfect for outdoor cocktail parties and leisurely boating excursions, but meant to be put away during the colder months. In recent years we are seeing more color during the winter, as the rules of fashion have relaxed with the times. Colorful blazers have become perfectly acceptable for winter parties and special occasions, however the key to wearing them properly is a neutral pant. During the summer you may often see bright colored blazers paired with matching pants, but during the winter months it is more sensible to allow the blazer to speak for itself, and pair it with a toned down pair of neutral slacks or tailored jeans in a darker hue.

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