How to Select the Proper Straight Razor

Dovo straight razor

Harner 7/8 Stainless Steel, Quarter Hollow Ground, Curly Koa Scales w/ Matching Silvertip Badger Brush- $760

It is often said that shaving with a straight razor will not only give you the closest shave possible, but that the experience of the shave is cathartic and rewarding. That being said, using a straight razor for grooming is known amongst many circles as a skilled art form, and not for the impatient man. While there are many online beginner’s shaving guides, such as the one listed here, your first foray into the world of shaving with a straight razor must be purchasing the correct tool.

Dovo is generally regarded as one of the top 3 purveyors of men’s straight razors within the community. One noteworthy feature of the Dovo line is that they deal in everything from custom blades to artisan brush stands, with price-points as low as $30 and as high as $1500. With such a wide range of products you are bound to find the perfect razor for your lifestyle, so here are three examples from various price points to inspire you to embrace the lifestyle of the straight shave.

Dovo straight razor

Factory-Edge DOVO Desert Ironwood SS 5/8 – $310.19

Dovo straight razor

Otto Busch “Weltmeister 6/8 Half-Hollow Razor w/ Vintage “Amor” Coffin – $179.00

Dovo straight razor

Dovo “Shavette” – $38.20

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