Eyewear Guide: How to Choose the Correct Frames For Your Face

glasses and face shape

The type of glasses with which you choose to adorn your face can say a lot about you. Glasses can convey everything from a sense of strong intellect to a penchant for the whimsical, or an artistic leaning. Choosing the proper pair of glasses can be perplexing, but the most important item to bear in mind is that you must choose a frame that fits your face shape. A pair of glasses is like a well-tailored suit. If the size and fit is correct, you will look dapper no matter what the occasion, but you must know what works with your individual shape.

glasses and face shape

Square Face:

Choose a frame with rounded lenses and curved lines to offset the strong angles of your jaw.

glasses and face shape

Paul Smith frames ($340, paulsmith.co.uk)

glasses and face shape

Warby Parker frames($95, warbyparker.com)glasses and face shape

Round Face:

A boxier frame will lend structure and distinguished planes to your face.

glasses and face shape

Ralph Lauren frames ($205, ralphlauren.com) glasses and face shape

Warby Parker frames ($95, warbyparker.com)

face shape and glasses frames

Oval Face:

Larger, rounded frames will enlarge your eyes to create a more balanced look.

glasses and face shape

Oliver Peoples frames ($440, oliverpeoples.com)

 glasses and face shape

Moscot frames ($290, moscot.com)

face shape and glasses frames

Heart Shaped Face:

Smaller lenses will complement your chin and work with you shape, rather than against it.

glasses and face shape

Burberry frames ($220, lenscrafters.com)

glasses and face shape

Ray Ban frames ($160, lenscrafters.com)

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